Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics

3n Strategy also offers HR analytics consulting services to clients, performing analytical investigations on organisation data, usually with a specific focus or question in mind.

Questions and topics can vary significantly although below are some examples:

  • Exploring all aspects of a specific HR question or hypothesis using HR data, e.g. Do employees who attend more training courses achieve higher levels of performance? If not, why not?
  • Answering a specific HR topic, e.g. What are the main drivers of employee engagement, are they having a positive or negative impact on engagement, and what recommendations can be made to improve it over the next year?
  • Addressing specific strategic HR priorities, e.g. Workforce Planning: Do we have the right number of employees, in the right job roles, with the right skills, in the right timeframes over the next 3-5+ years? How can we reduce the deficit?

As well as engaging client organisations directly, 3n Strategy also partners and collaborates with other consulting firms to deliver analytics support to wider HR engagements.


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Workforce Analytics
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